Collictable Trading Card Games
In Yu-Gi-Oh monsters of various types, depicted on the cards, duel with their own unique skills and fighting styles. Players can, with the right cards, use magic, set traps, change the battlefield itself, and even fuse two monsters together.
A Threaded Trading Card Forum
This messaging system allows one to read messages followed by their replies, and then, any replies to the replies, etc. That is, in their logical order. One may also read chronologically, seeing messages sequentially in time.
Broadcast Electricity
A colorful treatment of the Doomtown trading card game. Doomtown -- poker played with freshly printed illustrated cards -- dramatizes ideas, sets them in confrontation with each other, and tests them in action.
U.S. Pokémon
The collectible card game was played at the Gym for the Mind in Woodland Hills, California. It contains tournament information and results; pictures and player interviews. Pokémon is peaceful. The players, called trainers, do not fight each other; instead, their Pokémon fight. They do not kill, they only knock out their opponents, causing them to faint. Above all, it is friendly game.
Young Jedi
Young Jedi is the newest, most player friendly collectable trading card game. It takes place on one of the planets featured in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. The cardimages, are stills from the Prequel. This site shows one of the serect stills, and contains a cookie that asks for your name and later greets you by name. The game will be released two weeks before the movie opens.
Magic Club.
The Web Site of the Friday Night Gym for the Mind Magic: The Gathering Collectible card game players.
Scoby Poker
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